Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Musik Fabrik, Paul Wehage and Jean-Thierry Boisseau at Arbitration

The guys at Musik Fabrik hate Wikipedia because they were hauled before a neutral committee of six people who held no previous opinions on this group of musicians and composers, and found that they were rude, insulting, bullying, harassing and trying to use Wikipedia simply to help their own business, which is publishing the work of female composers. Below are the the findings of fact of the six arbitrators:

  1. Musik Fabrik

    Musik Fabrik is a music publishing company. Its website is at http://www.classicalmusicnow.com (6 vote yes, 0 vote no, 0 abstain)
  2. User:Musikfabrik

    User:Musikfabrik, which has been banned as a multiuser, or role, account was used by a number of persons associated with Musik Fabrik, including Paul Wehage, the artistic director and main researcher at Musik Fabrik and Jean-Thierry Boisseau. (6 vote yes, 0 vote no, 0 abstain)
  3. Jean-Thierry Boisseau

    Jean-Thierry Boisseau, an associate of Musik Fabrik, edits as Jean-Thierry Boisseau. Until it was banned as a multiuser account he edited as Musikfabrik (6 vote yes, 0 vote no, 0 abstain)
  4. Promotion of Musik Fabrik composers

    Jean-Thierry Boisseau, editing as Musikfabrik has added composers [2] who are listed in the Musik Fabrik catalog Guitar catalog. User Musikfabrik was quite candid about use of Wikipedia articles to promote Musik Fabrik composers [3]. (6 vote yes, 0 vote no, 0 abstain)
  5. Failure of Jean-Thierry Boisseau to assume good faith

    Jean-Thierry Boisseau has failed to assume good faith. See this, third sentence and this. (6 vote yes, 0 vote no, 0 abstain)
  6. Rudeness by Jean-Thierry_Boisseau

    Jean-Thierry_Boisseau has been rude. (4 vote yes, 0 vote no, 2 abstain)
  7. Jean-Thierry Boisseau's superior tone

    Jean-Thierry Boisseau has at times taken a superior tone in relation to other editors, Wikipedia:Requests_for_arbitration/Jean-Thierry_Boisseau/Evidence#Involved_professionals.2Finformed_amateurs. This may represent a more sophisticated approach, or not, but it irritated other editors. (6 vote yes, 0 vote no, 0 abstain)
  8. The issue of gender bias

    The issue of gender bias in the selection of lists of opera composers was vigorously raised by Jean-Thierry Boisseau by claiming, "it would seem to me to be quite clear that an sexist agenda at work here."[1], [2], [3] (6 vote yes, 0 vote no, 0 abstain)
  9. Women opera composers

    It was determined by the editing process that there were no women opera composers "sufficiently notable to be included in [List of major opera composers],"[1] ("Boisseau's bullying is extroadinary....The fact is that no female opera composers have been as important to the field of opera as the top 30, 50 or even 70 men, according to the majority of secondary sources. I hope this changes in the future, but Boisseau cannot [deny this fact].") (6 vote yes, 0 vote no, 0 abstain)
  10. Outside parties

    Jean-Thierry Boisseau has invited the interest of outside organizations concerned with the advancement of women musicians [5]. (6 vote yes, 0 vote no, 0 abstain)

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